Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

Pyrotex Systems offers cost-effective two-way communications systems in a school setting. With set-up intercom stations in the school, it ensures a simple way for effective communication in the whole school.

How the Intrusion Alarm Systems Work

Our customer service representatives will take a tour with you on the property to assess and establish the detection level you need. The tour also helps determine the type of equipment that is most suitable for detection and monitoring. After designing a commercial intrusion alarm system that best suits your needs, one of our technicians will come to install it at your facility.

The installation will include a control panel that will work as the brain of the intrusion alarm monitoring system, a keypad, and a host of other devices that will monitor door contacts, motion, glass breakage, and beams. Depending on your preference, the devices can be wireless or hardwired. In recent times, wireless commercial intrusion alarm systems have become more popular and reliable, and the batteries in the devices can last up to 8 years.

We usually install the control panel in a secure room on the building, for instance, an electrical room or telephone room. All the other devices are connected to the control panel. The connected keypad turns the system on and off (usually referred to as arming and disarming). The keypad can activate or deactivate door contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and other devices.

Based on the technology available in your facility, Pyrotex Services monitors your commercial intrusion alarm systems over a cellular connection, a phone line, or over the internet. For improved safety, we can combine all the technologies to ensure an alert even when one fails. Additionally, you can make use of mobile apps to activate or deactivate your devices. Mobile apps also ensure that you can check on your property’s security at any time, anywhere. We also integrate your intrusion alarm system with CCTV for easy detection of a dangerous situation.

After mapping the CCTV cameras with your intrusion alarm system, our monitoring station personnel can view every camera and see if there is a valid reason for an alarm. Some of the commercial intrusion alarm systems usually stream the video directly into our monitoring software. The advantage of video verification for commercial intrusion is that police usually respond faster to verified alarms. The apprehension of criminals can, therefore, be easy.


Commercial intrusion alarm systems are custom made to ensure that they meet your needs. Danger can occur on your property at any time, and you need to prepare well in advance. Detecting the danger early enough can help save lives and property. Early detection can also lead to the apprehension of criminals. Pyrotex Systems will analyze your property and install the appropriate intrusion alarm system.

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Embassy Suites The Woodlands

Embassy Suites commits themselves to creating a safe a relaxing experience seeking to give their customers complete peace of mind by putting their health and safety needs front-and-center. Pyrotex Systems has been able to help them accomplish this goal at their location in The Woodlands by providing them with the top of the line Gamewell/FCI E3 fire alarm system while also meeting the strict schedule of this high rise project.


Kelsey Seabold Clinic

Those seeking healthcare excellence in the Greater Houston area turn to Kelsey Seybold. When they were building their new campus in Pasadena, they turned to Pyrotex Systems for the installation of their fire alarm system, and we were proud to deliver.


The Lamar Tower

The Lamar Tower is a 23-story tower located near Upper Kirby and River Oaks. It was built in 1965 as one of the first luxury high rises in Houston. When they asked Pyrotex Systems to upgrade their life safety system we provided a Gamewell/FCI E3 and all new devices throughout the building. This is one of many retrofit projects we have had the pleasure of doing.


Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier features a Gamewell/FCI fire alarm system to overcome the challenges faced by building an amusement park over water. As the design-build project our team was able to make sure we used all the best equipment and install practices to provide the highest quality system while meeting the local fire and safety codes.


Catalyst Apartments

In Downtown Houston, overlooking Minute Maid Park, Is a design-build high rise apartment with one of our Gamewell/FCI fire alarm systems. The Gamewell/FCI E3 family of fire alarm products are perfectly suited to meet all the needs of high rise buildings and the unique requirements they bring.


Montgomery I.S.D. Lake Creek High School

Montgomery I.S.D.’s Lake Creek High School checked in at over 300,000 square feet when it was built, and the school district called for a Farenhyt IFP-2000ECS fire alarm system. Pyrotex Systems was able to accomplish this behemoth of a project adhering to the specifications, scheduling needs, and coordination required for a task of this magnitude

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