Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

A functional fire alarm system can save lives, which is its most significant role, but it can also save your business. Let’s say your building is unattended at night, and a fire breaks out. How will you alert the authorities to put out the fire? Pyrotex Systems fire alarm monitoring ensures that our dedicated receiving center receives an alert whenever your fire alarm is activated. We can then notify the local dispatch of the emergency.

How Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Work

Ideally, there is no time to waste when a fire breaks out. A fire can spread rapidly and cause immense damage within a short time. A monitored fire alarm system does not depend on the people who may be in the building or someone passing to make the fire known to the responsible authorities. Pyrotex fire alarm monitoring service is alert for 24 hours every day of the week and will notify the local fire dispatcher immediately if fire breaks out.

When a fire breaks out, your fire alarm in the building will activate. The alarm sends a signal via a landline or cellular dialer, and the Pyrotex Systems monitoring center receives the signal. Immediately after our monitoring center receives the signal, we notify the local fire authorities and the building’s key holders about the fire alarm. The fire department will arrive at the facility to address the alarm.

An advantage of the monitored fire alarm system is that you can use auxiliary power as back up. In case of power failure, the cellular line will still be functional for easy communication with the monitoring center. Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updated codes provide that building owners have to ensure the connection of at least two communication lines to the monitoring system. One line has to be connected to a traditional phone cable, and they have to connect the other one to a managed facilities-based network. It is a safety measure to ensure that the monitoring center will still receive signals if one line goes down.


Cellular Systems

Pyrotex Systems acknowledges the advancement in technology, and we conduct cellular monitoring of fire alarm systems. It means that our monitoring center receives the signals from a fire alarm through cell towers and not phone lines. As such, we ensure 24-hour monitoring of your system every day, ensuring your buildings’ safety every time. We understand that every second is critical in case of a fire outbreak.

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Embassy Suites The Woodlands

Embassy Suites commits themselves to creating a safe a relaxing experience seeking to give their customers complete peace of mind by putting their health and safety needs front-and-center. Pyrotex Systems has been able to help them accomplish this goal at their location in The Woodlands by providing them with the top of the line Gamewell/FCI E3 fire alarm system while also meeting the strict schedule of this high rise project.


Kelsey Seabold Clinic

Those seeking healthcare excellence in the Greater Houston area turn to Kelsey Seybold. When they were building their new campus in Pasadena, they turned to Pyrotex Systems for the installation of their fire alarm system, and we were proud to deliver.


The Lamar Tower

The Lamar Tower is a 23-story tower located near Upper Kirby and River Oaks. It was built in 1965 as one of the first luxury high rises in Houston. When they asked Pyrotex Systems to upgrade their life safety system we provided a Gamewell/FCI E3 and all new devices throughout the building. This is one of many retrofit projects we have had the pleasure of doing.


Catalyst Apartments

In Downtown Houston, overlooking Minute Maid Park, Is a design-build high rise apartment with one of our Gamewell/FCI fire alarm systems. The Gamewell/FCI E3 family of fire alarm products are perfectly suited to meet all the needs of high rise buildings and the unique requirements they bring.


Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier features a Gamewell/FCI fire alarm system to overcome the challenges faced by building an amusement park over water. As the design-build project our team was able to make sure we used all the best equipment and install practices to provide the highest quality system while meeting the local fire and safety codes.


Montgomery I.S.D. Lake Creek High School

Montgomery I.S.D.’s Lake Creek High School checked in at over 300,000 square feet when it was built, and the school district called for a Farenhyt IFP-2000ECS fire alarm system. Pyrotex Systems was able to accomplish this behemoth of a project adhering to the specifications, scheduling needs, and coordination required for a task of this magnitude.

Fire alarm monitoring can save you from suffering a major loss. It can be the difference between minimal loss and total loss. For modern and monitored fire alarm systems, contact Pyrotex Systems. Our monitoring center will take care of notifying authorities in the event of an emergency, leaving you with peace of mind.


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